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Ventures Product-Centric Investing

Since our formation in 2009, Castle has operated as both an investor and builder of digital businesses, helping to increase the efficiency of new venture creation and growth.

Our investment portfolio comprises sponsored projects, partnerships, and minority investments. In each of these cases, we are investing our product teams in exchange for equity to help finance the strategic product goals of the business.

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Sponsored Projects

Castle leads the creation, operation and growth of a digital business as founders and lead investor.

Glass Factory

Glass Factory is a software-as-a-service product enabling human-powered services companies to manage, plan and optimize resouces, time, budgets and finances.

Glass Factory Planning Glass Factory Teams Glass Factory Timeline Glasd Factory App

Die with Glory

Die with Glory is a mobile multi-level adventure game available on iOS and Android.

Die With Glory gameplay Die With Glory gameplay Die With Glory gameplay
DEVGAMM Showcase Member 2015 DEVGAMM Choise 2016 Kanobu GamesJam 1st place 2015 White Nights Showcase Member 2015 Red Bull Upcoming Exciting Games 2016


Castle teams with entrepreneurs or businesses to jointly finance the dedicated product team underlying the business.

House Account

House Account is a software-as-a-service digital sales & marketing platform created specifically for brick-and-mortar retailers.

House Account
House Account House Account House Account

Tap Odyssey

Tap Odyssey is a multi-platform incremental, or "Idle", game allowing players to battle progressively challenging foes while constantly upgrading their combat capabilities.

Tap Odyssey Tap Odyssey

Minority Investments

Castle finances a portion of a product team budget in exchange for a minority interest in the business.