Different you think

Imagine if the new iPhone 5S was released a long time ago in a galaxy far far away...

You underestimate the power of the Dark Side Darth Vader

The Dark Lord has many problems.
His interface is purposefully imagined. Meticulously considered. Precision crafted. It is not just a product of what
the Dark Side makes possible. It is also about the benefits it can yield. It is not just what's next. It's what should be next.

DStore DStore

The best mobile apps can be found
in the DStore. All created specifically
for Darth Vader.

The more apps he has, the more he'll realize that almost anything is possible with the dark side of the Force.

DS Control This mobile system controls
the Death Star

Sit back and enjoy the ride. Or discover dozens of new ways to pass the time.

With this app, destroying your enemies
has never been easier.

Death Star project The plans for the
Ultimate Weapon

A Death Star is a moon-sized space station and superweapon. It is capable of destroying an entire planet with its powerful superlaser.

The first Death Star is cited by various sources to have a crew of 265,675, including 52,276 gunners,
607,360 troops, 30,984 Stormtroopers, 42,782 ship support staff, and
180,216 pilots and support crew.

Death Star
  • North
    Command Sector
  • Engineering Sector
  • Superlaser Focus Lens
  • Ion Drive Arrays
  • Deep Armory
  • Deep Storage
  • South
    Command Sector

The most advanced technology in the hands of Stormtroopers Approved by the Supreme Commander
of the Republic Army

Built-in apps. Ready whenever you are.
To do whatever you want. From staying in touch
with colleagues to keeping on top of your to-do-list.
From capturing battle images, to planning your week. You will find an app for all your Stormtrooper needs
in the the DStore.

StormDay Task Manager

Plan your attack on Tatooine. Find something
to do on a Friday night. Or find out which planet
is best for surfing on a Saturday. Whatever your hobby, you will never be late for it.

A unique app designed especially for Imperial Stormtroopers. Not only does it make a brilliant task manager, but it also synchronizes spacecraft clock time to the time at any location on a planet you are orbiting.

Powerful Multi-galaxy Compatibility More than nine thousand planets are registered
in the StormDay database

Planet disks
  • Varl
  • Sarrish
  • Bimmisaari
  • Cato Neimoidia
  • Uhanayih
  • Tililix
  • Zebitrope IV
  • Terephon
  • Gamandar
  • Elshandruu Pica
  • Caluula

Top 4 The most popular Imperial Stormtrooper apps

  • Helmet Free

    Helmet Free

    Professional Stormtroopers are usually required to use
    a helmet-based targeting system. The new targeting formula ensures that not
    a single target will be missed. Free version.

  • CoolJabba


    The best cocktails in the galaxy all in one app. Make them easily in your own bar. Collect all the ingredients you have at hand and CoolJabba will tell you which cocktails
    you can make.

  • Fpanic


    All is not yet lost, even if you have lost a TIE. Relax. If your TIE Fighter has fallen into enemy hands, Sienar Fleet Systems will deactivate
    all of its active services, making further use impossible.

  • jLocator


    Use detailed maps and location-based alerts to find the way to the nearest Jedi,
    to learn which space station corridor your robots have wandered down, or to meet
    a colleague in a spaceport.

From Silver
to Gold

"In the service of a senator, one must be presentable"
C-3PO on his new gold plating

C-3PER messenger

A beautifully crafted messenger app that allows you to search
for people with common interests. Easily discover new friends nearby or meet people on the same side of the Force as you.

  • Chewbacca Chewbacca
    2.3 meters
    112 kilograms
  • Han Solo Han Solo
    1.8 meters
    80 kilograms
  • Luke Skywalker Luke Skywalker
    1.72 meters
    77 kilograms
  • Luke Skywalker Leia Organa
    1.5 meters
    49 kilograms
  • R2D2 R2D2
    0.96 meters
    32 kilograms

Inspired by Odigo 5.0 build 689

In all likelihood, however, it will soon cease to exist,
much like its predecessor, Odigo.