Cloud Castle

Design Studio

Cloud Castle is a digital design studio founded in 2009 as a part of VSF Castle.

We design world-class digital products and services.
For us ‘design’ isn't just the process where we make it pretty and a project isn't just about creating a new logo or website, it's about helping our clients build solutions that work.

Our Team

  • Alex Kolodochko
    Alex Kolodochko
  • Anton Nikitin
    Anton Nikitin
    Creative Director
  • Sasha Vo
    Sasha Vo
    Art Director
  • Yana Klink
    Yana Klink
  • Eugenia Rodina
    Eugenia Rodina
  • Alex Bogomolov
    Alex Bogomolov
    UI Designer
  • Daria Dudareva
    Daria Dudareva
    UI Designer
  • Dmitry Kuznetsov
    Dmitry Kuznetsov
    UI Designer
  • Daniel Ragulin
    Daniel Ragulin
    UI Designer
  • Max Sadchikov
    Max Sadchikov
    UI Designer
  • Stas Yudin
    Stas Yudin
    UI Designer
  • Mike Sinyavin
    Mike Sinyavin
    Motion Designer
  • Eugene Bulgakov
    Eugene Bulgakov
    Front-End Engineer
  • Anton Gunkin
    Anton Gunkin
    Front-End Engineer
  • Tatiana Lukina
    Tatiana Lukina
    Front-End Engineer
  • Dmitry Selivanov
    Dmitry Selivanov
    Front-End Engineer
  • Alex Spiridonov
    Alex Spiridonov
    Front-End Engineer
  • Vitaliy Syrchikov
    Vitaliy Syrchikov
    Front-End Engineer