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Travel Tripper

Travel Tripper is a highly customizable international booking engine as a service for hotel operators.

Product Details

Travel Tripper had established a large international customer base for its RezTrip hotel booking engine. As the product matured and the capabilities expanded, customers increasingly requested a greater degree of self-service configuration of the end-user experience.

Travel Tripper turned to Castle to design and implement the new RezTrip web-based booking experience and configuration capabilities. The solution is a highly customizeable hotel booking experience that allows hotel operators to configure branding, layout, booking workflow, and internationalization so that the experience meets the unique needs of the hotel’s customers.

Castle Team

Product Design

Alex Parsons Anton Nikitin Alex Golanov Max Sadchikov Yaroslav Patrikeev

Product Development

Nick Gorodnov Sergey Aksyutin Pavel Rosputko Dmitry Kataev Pavel Semushin Anton Gunkin


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