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Pegasus TransTech

Pegasus Transtech is the leading provider of solutions that streamline billing, collections, payroll, accounts payable, driver qualifications and other paper intensive processes for the trucking industry.

Product Details

Pegasus Transtech built its industry leading position in the transportation document management market by allowing truck drivers to send documents back to dispatch from truck stops. With the rise of smartphones, demand for transmitting documents via mobile devices boomed and Pegasus Transtech has increased its focus on mobile.

We were engaged to envision and create the new and expanded Transflo mobile application. Designed and built for both native iOS and Android, the application’s key capabilities include document scanning indexing and transmission, driver to dispatch messaging, shipment management and location visibility, and event-based notifications.

Castle Team

Product Design

Travis Parsons Will Funk Artem Orlov Sergey Shalkovsky Anton Nikitin Daniel Ragulin Alexey Belan

Product Development

Nick Vlasov Ivan Zyryanov Oleg Makarov Alexey Ivanov