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Tilofy’s proprietary trend forecasting technology identifies trends in their infancy, long before they reach the mainstream. Rooted in factual data, Tilofy provides businesses a roadmap to focus on new opportunities, reach new markets and create innovative products.

Product Details

The internet and social media have accelerated the pace at which trends come and go. Increasingly these trends are born and live their life entirely online as memes, spreading through influencer networks small and large, niche and mass-market.

Riding the waves of these trends is increasingly important for brands and businesses seeking to understand and engage their customers. Typically these brands subscribe to market intelligence reports or partner with trend forecasting consultancies, both of which suffer from a delay in what they’re reporting as well as a lack of qualitative detail about their projections. Tilofy uses advanced stream processing and pattern detection techniques to identify trends from the raw materials of the internet and our collective dialogue on social networks. Trends are surfaced as they are forming in social chatter, and quantified with details of the velocity at which it’s spreading, its overall reach, and the demographics of its audience.

The Tilofy founders partnered with Castle to package their powerful trend detection engine into a customer facing service. Targeting subscription sales to agencies and brands, we developed a strategy to empower customers not only to discover relevant trends, but also to collect them into meaningful stories which can be shared with their colleagues or presented to their clients. We emphasized the quantitative nature of Tilofy’s trend detection while still providing a user experience which is visually compelling, personalized and collaborative. Trends are presented up front as a collage of photos from its audience, while a series of detailed interactive infographics gives light to the wealth of data Tilofy unearths for each trend.

Castle designed and developed the Tilofy web experience as a single-page application built in React, which integrates to an API built to our specification by Tilofy engineers.

Castle Team

Product Design

Alex Parsons Michael Karney Max Sadchikov Anton Nikitin Roman Dubik

Product Development

Ivan Efremov Vitaliy Syrchikov Anton Frolovsky Vlad Yartsev

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