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Social Media Link

Social Media Link helps brands scale their consumer advocacy. Connect with vocal consumers and activate reviews and recommendations across social media that drive awareness and purchase.

Product Details

Social Media Link, a provider of brand advocacy solutions, identified the strategic opportunity to convert their primarily professional services offering into a software-as-a-service technology platform. By creating an entirely new software platform, the company would not only increase operational scalability, but would also transform the business from a marketing agency to a technology company.

The new platform, launched as Vesta, allows marketers to efficiently and easily mobilize, manage and engage their own brand advocate community. Key capabilities include highly configurable web surveys, advanced member segmentation, configurable engagement workflows, social media sharing integration, and white label brand customization.

Castle Team

Product Design

Shawn Cheatham Sunny Patel Valerie Baker Anton Nikitin Alex Golanov Anna Shapovalyuk Max Sadchikov Daniel Ragulin Stas Yudin Alexey Belan Yana Klink Yaroslav Patrikeev

Product Development

Vlad Nudelman Ivan Efremov Vitaly Kireev Pavel Rosputko Pavel Khlustikov Eugene Rekadze Dmitry Kataev Alex Kataev Sergey Aksyutin Nick Gorodnov Pavel Semushin Dmitry Grishin Anton Gunkin Tatiana Ivashova

Member Segmentation


Member Dashboard