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Mountain Khakis

Rugged. Authentic. Reliable. Timeless. What started as a casual conversation at the Shady Lady Saloon in Jackson Hole, Wyoming has become a top-performing mountain-inspired lifestyle apparel brand.

Product Details

As a brand grows, it needs greater levels of technical sophistication to deliver the service customers expect across an omni-channel environment. Mountain Khakis ("MK"), a rapidly growing outdoor apparel brand, determined it could no longer meet the needs of its customers and get to the next level of operational efficiency by utilizing its legacy e-commerce platform. Greater levels of administrative control and flexibility were needed to support a more dynamic content and promotion driven experience. Moreover, the story of the brand and its visual appeal had been lost on an outdated website.

MK teamed with Castle to lead the transformation of its digital platform. A completely updated visual design and user experience now delivers the true MK brand story through video and content commerce. Under the covers, an advanced e-commerce platform was configured based on the open-source Spree project. Castle integrated the new platform with MK’s Netsuite ERP and executed a smooth transition from the old system to the new platform. Castle continues to operate as MK’s core digital partner, pushing the experience forward and supporting the business.

Castle Team

Product Design

Ben Gold Sunny Patel Yaroslav Patrikeev Stas Yudin Daniel Ragulin Anton Nikitin

Product Development

Vlad Nudelman Eugene Bulgakov Alexey Ragozin Vlad Konnov Roman Lugovtsev Alex Subbotin Sergey Kumirov Alex Shulyndin Pavel Khlustikov

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