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LearnTrials empowers schools and districts to know which technology products are best for their classrooms.

Product Details

Schools are increasingly embracing technology tools in the classroom, and the market for these solutions has exploded in the last five years providing ever increasing choices for educators. Unfortunately, it’s challenging for educators to find and evaluate all the tools on the market and make the right selection for their school or school system.

LearnTrials addresses this need by providing educators a community-based platform for discovery, evaluation and review of education technology. The founders of LearnTrials teamed with Castle to bring a solution to market while participating in the 2014 TechStars Kaplan Ed Tech Accelerator program. Together, the LearnTrials and Castle teams launched an MVP platform and then continued to enhance the solution alongside customer feedback.

Castle Team

Product Design

Ben Gilman Stas Skrebkov Dmitry Kuznetsov

Product Development

Nick Chubarov Nick Gorodnov Alex Ragozin Tatiana Ivashova Alex Spiridonov Anton Gunkin

Technology Profile

Technology Review

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