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JoinU is an app for future and current college students to connect.

Product Details

The founders of eCampus Ventures wanted to build upon the success of their RoomSurf college roommate matching service. Their goal was to introduce a mobile product to their existing as well as new university students that would serve as the foundation for future revenue-generating services.

The first iteration of JoinU focuses on discovery, with the unique ability for incoming college freshmen to start networking with like-minded students before even arriving on campus. The native iOS application serves as the foundation for additional value-added services. Key capabilities of the app include interest matching and student discovery and student-to-student, as well as interest-based messaging.

Castle Team

Product Design

Alex Parsons Will Funk Artem Orlov Alex Golanov Ilia Suldin Anton Nikitin Anna Shapovalyuk Yana Klink Alexey Belan Yaroslav Patrikeev

Product Development

Alexey Zinchenko Ivan Zyryanov Pavel Rosputko Dmitry Kataev