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House Account

House Account helps independent local boutique operators engage their customers on a daily basis.

Product Details

E-commerce is a significant competitive threat to brick and mortar independent boutiques. The battle for shoppers’ attention and spend is waged on mobile devices and across the social web. For independent boutique operators, growing customer engagement in an increasingly digital world is a critical need.

House Account is a customer engagement and commerce platform designed specifically for the local boutique. Comprised of iOS and Android applications, a responsive web experience for shoppers, and a web-based shopper insights portal, House Account helps boutiques provide an omni-channel retail experience to their clients that stays true to the personal service that makes boutique shopping special. Key capabilities include messaging-based e-commerce, in-app credit card purchasing, and social media integration.

Castle Team

Product Design

Travis Parsons Anton Nikitin Mike Sinyavin Daniel Ragulin Anna Shapovalyuk Eugenia Rodina Alexey Belan Stas Skrebkov Dmitry Kuznetsov Yaroslav Patrikeev

Product Development

Dmitry Kataev Sergey Aksyutin Michael Krivushin Ilia Ablamonov Valeriy Pavlov Nick Gorodnov Dmitry Nazarychev Ivan Zyryanov Danil Valeev Nick Vlasov Gennady Berezovsky Anton Gunkin Alexey Ragozin Sergey Shpuntov Alexey Zinchenko Tatiana Ivashova

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