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Die with Glory

Die with Glory is a cross-platform multi-level adventure game available on Steam, iOS, and Android.

Product Details

Mobile gaming has exploded as an industry, disrupting the traditional gaming market as well as taking share from other entertainment categories due to the ubiquity of mobile devices.

Castle’s first venture into mobile gaming is an in-house project to design, develop and launch a high quality cross-platform game as a case study of our emerging game development capabilities. Die with Glory is an adventure game with a non-linear story line based on nordic folklore. The concept is to progress through multiple levels where upon each step the player must “die with glory” in order to proceed. Our goal is to demonstrate how a collaboration across our deep technical and highly creative design capabilities can produce market-leading results in mobile gaming. Going forward, we’re looking to team with businesses and entrepreneurs in the gaming space to collaborate on new ventures and projects in this attractive market.

Castle Team

Product Design

Alex Kolodochko Anton Nikitin Nick Filatov Sasha Vo Stas Yudin Daniel Ragulin Eugenia Rodina Alexey Belan Yana Klink

Product Development

Dmitry Nazarychev Mike Sinyavin Pavel Semushin Alex Papchikhin

Sketches & Art

Game Levels