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Canopy Financial

Canopy Financial provides a comprehensive view of your personal finance assets and liabilities with the objective of guiding you towards portfolio optimization.

Product Details

For wealthy individuals, family offices, and RIAs, monitoring complex portfolios is difficult, especially when the portfolio includes alternative and illiquid investments. Not only is the aggregation of timely data and information a challenge, but the insights and analytics needed to measure performance are hard to surface.

The founders of Canopy Financial engaged Cloud Castle to design and develop a financial technology software-as-a-service offering to simplify the analysis of complex portfolios. With a balance sheet at its core, the product automatically aggregates financial data from banking and brokerage accounts and allows for creation of additional accounts to provide a complete picture of assets and liabilities over time. A suite of sophisticated financial analytics are provided to help guide individuals and advisors towards the best investment decisions.

Castle Team

Product Design

Alex Parsons Artem Orlov Anton Nikitin Stas Skrebkov Stas Yudin Mike Sinyavin Daniel Ragulin

Product Development

Alex Gorkunov Nikita Sidorov Pavel Rosputko Vlad Yartsev Vlad Konnov Dmitry Kataev Anton Gunkin Tatiana Ivashova

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