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Castle Digital Partners

We are a venture services firm

Software is eating the world

is how Mark Andreessen,  founder of Netscape,  famously described the current wave of technology-driven innovation sweeping across the business landscape.

Software platforms are no longer in the background. Software increasingly defines the brand, competitive advantage, and enterprise value of today’s most transformative startups and growth businesses.

Software “Product” can create more value than any other business investment today. In fact, ignoring the need to invest in software productization is a clear path to decline in today’s disruptive environment where software is eating the world.

In 2009, we set out on a mission to partner with management teams in the creation of products that are engineered for market leadership. Operating as a trusted product partner, we have now led the strategy, design, engineering, and technical operation of over 50 comprehensive digital platforms, products and services.

As we worked alongside talented management teams, it became clear that the value we created together yielded strong business and investment returns. Increasingly, our partnerships with companies became more strategic in nature, and over time, we started investing in the great teams and businesses as part of our venture services business model.

Our firm today, operating as a unified team of over 100 product professionals with local product studios in select markets, seeks to partner with innovative growth companies, experienced entrepreneurs, and investors to transform businesses, start new ventures, and launch new digital capabilities. Together, we can build value with software.

What We Do

Castle is a digital partner for management teams of software-driven businesses. We team with management to envision, design, develop and operate digital platforms, products and services that drive growth, market differentiation — and ultimately enterprise value.


We create new digital products, services and platforms that are the strategic foundation for new companies.

Enterprise Ventures

We create new digital products, services and platforms that enable new startups or business lines to be created inside larger enterprises.


We transform existing business processes and legacy software into new digital products, services and platforms that are better positioned to achieve the vision of a business.

We are a venture services firm operating as a true partner and investor in our portfolio businesses. We focus on software-as-a-service, digital commerce, and tech-enabled services companies that have strong management, solid business traction, and a clear opportunity for digital product creation or transformation. We then partner on the execution of the digital thesis with creative deal structures involving equity investment and/or fees.

Castle Facts

50 Products and Platforms Launched Since 2009

Castle has designed, developed, launched and operated over 50 custom software application initiatives since its founding in 2009. We take pride in our track record of successfully delivering high quality, market-leading technology solutions for innovative start-up and enterprise clients.

4 Product Studios — New York, Los Angeles, Charlotte, London

Castle’s local Product Studios enable a close collaboration and tight integration between Castle and its clients. Our product management teams can work alongside our clients on a daily basis while leveraging our design and engineering delivery studios located in Prague and Samara. Our international footprint provides delivery efficiencies and economies of scale not possible with smaller organizations.

110 Team Members with Product, Design, and Engineering Expertise

Our organization is comprised of all the capabilities necessary to create advanced digital products and platforms. Our Strategic Product Teams deliver digital strategy and concept definition, user experience and user interface design (UX / UI), custom software and application development, operational support, and ongoing feature roadmap development. This end-to-end approach ensures reliable, high quality, continuous delivery.

3 Years Average Client Partnership Duration

Castle works with clients over multiple years to create market-leading software-driven businesses. When the time is right, we help to transition these initiatives to in-house teams. Each year, our portfolio of clients is largely comprised of long-term multi-year engagements in which we are a strategic technology partner.

94% Average Annual Team Retention Since 2009

We focus diligently on the quality of life of our team members, creating a collaborative culture and environment that is conducive to the wellbeing of designers and engineers who enjoy contributing to cross-functional projects and ventures. Our strong staff retention results in reliability and consistency in service quality, as well as yielding a certain degree of added value for our clients, by keeping our people inspired, rewarded and motivated to work with peers and fellow product experts.

Our Team


Global Team

  • Travis Parsons
    Travis Parsons
    Co-Founder, CEO
  • Artem Orlov
    Artem Orlov
    Co-Founder, Client Services
  • Alex Kolodochko
    Alex Kolodochko
    Co-Founder, Internal Ventures
  • Chris Bradle
    Chris Bradle
    Product Director
  • Alison Grippo
    Alison Grippo
    VP Strategic Operations
  • Daniel DelaCruz
    Daniel DelaCruz
    Director of Finance
  • Ilia Vesov
    Ilia Vesov
    Delivery Director
  • Vlad Yartsev
    Vlad Yartsev

New York Product Studio

  • Sunny Patel
    Sunny Patel
    Product Director
  • Nick Gorodnov
    Nick Gorodnov
    Delivery Director
  • Ben Gold
    Ben Gold
    Product Manager

Los Angeles Product Studio

  • Alex Parsons
    Alex Parsons
    Managing Director
  • Alex Gorkunov
    Alex Gorkunov
    Delivery Director
  • Michael Karney
    Michael Karney
    Product Manager

Charlotte Product Studio

  • Todd Buelow
    Todd Buelow
    Managing Director
  • Ben Gilman
    Ben Gilman
    Product Director
  • Russ Hammond
    Russ Hammond
    Product Director
  • Anton Pogodin
    Anton Pogodin
    Delivery Director
  • Cayla Jones
    Cayla Jones
    Associate Product Manager

London Product Studio

  • Paul Jackson
    Paul Jackson
    Managing Director
  • Vladimir Nudelman
    Vladimir Nudelman
    Delivery Director

Design and Engineering

  • Pavel Abolmasov
    Pavel Abolmasov
    Web Engineer
  • Irina Abolmasova
    Irina Abolmasova
    Front-End Engineer
  • Denis Abushaev
    Denis Abushaev
    Web Engineer
  • Anton Ananiev
    Anton Ananiev
    Motion Designer
  • Alex Anosov
    Alex Anosov
    Front-End Engineer
  • Anton Antonov
    Anton Antonov
    Web Engineer
  • Alexey Belan
    Alexey Belan
  • Alex Bogomolov
    Alex Bogomolov
    UI Designer
  • Sergey Budaev
    Sergey Budaev
    Web Engineer
  • Eugene Bulgakov
    Eugene Bulgakov
    Front-End Engineer
  • Anton Bystrukov
    Anton Bystrukov
    UI Designer
  • Eugene Chernov
    Eugene Chernov
    Web Engineer
  • Nick Chubarov
    Nick Chubarov
    Web Engineer, Technical Manager
  • Max Drozdov
    Max Drozdov
    Web Engineer
  • Roman Dubik
    Roman Dubik
    BA/UX Designer
  • Daria Dudareva
    Daria Dudareva
    UI Designer
  • Ivan Efremov
    Ivan Efremov
    Web Engineer
  • Alex Egorov
    Alex Egorov
    Web Engineer
  • Elena Engelgardt
    Elena Engelgardt
    Language Instructor
  • Kseniya Fedorinova
    Kseniya Fedorinova
    QA Engineer
  • Nick Filatov
    Nick Filatov
    Game Designer
  • Anton Frolovsky
    Anton Frolovsky
    Front-End Engineer
  • Irina Galii
    Irina Galii
  • Rustam Gilyaev
    Rustam Gilyaev
    Mobile Engineer
  • Mike Glukhov
    Mike Glukhov
    Mobile Engineer
  • Alex Golanov
    Alex Golanov
    BA/UX Designer
  • Egor Gorobetz
    Egor Gorobetz
    Web Engineer
  • Dmitry Grishin
    Dmitry Grishin
    Support Engineer
  • Anton Gunkin
    Anton Gunkin
    Front-End Engineer
  • Tatiana Ionova
    Tatiana Ionova
    QA Engineer
  • Alexey Ivanov
    Alexey Ivanov
    Mobile Engineer
  • Nastya Ivanova
    Nastya Ivanova
    Web Engineer
  • Galina Kalugina
    Galina Kalugina
    Head of UX
  • Alex Kataev
    Alex Kataev
    QA Engineer
  • Dmitry Kataev
    Dmitry Kataev
    QA Manager
  • Nick Kharitonov
    Nick Kharitonov
    Web Engineer
  • Pavel Khlustikov
    Pavel Khlustikov
    Web Engineer, Technical Manager
  • Vitaly Kireev
    Vitaly Kireev
    Web Engineer
  • Yana Klink
    Yana Klink
  • Natalia Kraynova
    Natalia Kraynova
    Business Analyst
  • Alex Krutov
    Alex Krutov
    Web Engineer
  • Sergey Kumirov
    Sergey Kumirov
    Web Engineer
  • Sergey Kurilkin
    Sergey Kurilkin
    Support Engineer
  • Dmitry Kuznetsov
    Dmitry Kuznetsov
    UI Designer
  • Anatoly Lapshin
    Anatoly Lapshin
    Web Engineer
  • Nick Loshkarev
    Nick Loshkarev
    Web Engineer
  • Roman Lugovtsev
    Roman Lugovtsev
    Web Engineer
  • Tatiana Lukina
    Tatiana Lukina
    Front-End Engineer
  • Nick Mamonov
    Nick Mamonov
    Web Engineer
  • Alexey Naimark
    Alexey Naimark
    Project Coordinator
  • Dmitry Nazarychev
    Dmitry Nazarychev
    Mobile Engineer
  • Alex Netrebsky
    Alex Netrebsky
    Web Engineer
  • Alex Nikitin
    Alex Nikitin
    Web Engineer
  • Anton Nikitin
    Anton Nikitin
    Creative Director
  • Yuriy Novikov
    Yuriy Novikov
    Mobile Engineer
  • Mike Novitsky
    Mike Novitsky
    QA Engineer
  • Alex Papchikhin
    Alex Papchikhin
    Mobile Engineer
  • Valery Pavlov
    Valery Pavlov
    Mobile Engineer
  • Yuriy Pavlov
    Yuriy Pavlov
    Web Engineer
  • Pavel Petrov
    Pavel Petrov
    Front-End Engineer
  • Alex Pogodin
    Alex Pogodin
    Mobile Engineer
  • Alex Ragozin
    Alex Ragozin
    Front-End Engineer
  • Daniel Ragulin
    Daniel Ragulin
    UI Designer
  • Eugenia Rodina
    Eugenia Rodina
  • Dmitry Roitman
    Dmitry Roitman
    Mobile Engineer
  • Andrey Rusakov
    Andrey Rusakov
    QA Engineer
  • Max Sadchikov
    Max Sadchikov
    UI Designer
  • Kostya Salikhov
    Kostya Salikhov
    Web Engineer
  • Nastya Satonina
    Nastya Satonina
    QA Engineer
  • Dmitry Selivanov
    Dmitry Selivanov
    Front-End Engineer
  • Stas Selivanov
    Stas Selivanov
    Web Engineer
  • Sveta Sevastyanova
    Sveta Sevastyanova
    QA Engineer
  • Pavel Semushin
    Pavel Semushin
    Web Engineer
  • Anton Shabanov
    Anton Shabanov
    Front-End Engineer
  • Pavel Shadrin
    Pavel Shadrin
    Mobile Engineer
  • Sergey Shalkovsky
    Sergey Shalkovsky
    BA/UX Designer
  • Artem Shchodro
    Artem Shchodro
    Support Engineer
  • Alex Shugurov
    Alex Shugurov
    Web Engineer
  • Alex Shulyndin
    Alex Shulyndin
    Web Engineer
  • Nick Sidorov
    Nick Sidorov
    Web Engineer
  • Mike Sinyavin
    Mike Sinyavin
    Motion Designer
  • Alex Skrebkov
    Alex Skrebkov
    Technical Manager
  • Stas Skrebkov
    Stas Skrebkov
    BA/UX Designer
  • Alex Spiridonov
    Alex Spiridonov
    Front-End Engineer
  • Stas Spiridonov
    Stas Spiridonov
    Web Engineer
  • Alexey Stulikov
    Alexey Stulikov
    BA/UX Designer
  • Yuri Svechinskiy
    Yuri Svechinskiy
    Front-End Engineer
  • Vitaliy Syrchikov
    Vitaliy Syrchikov
    Front-End Engineer
  • Ivan Titkov
    Ivan Titkov
    Mobile Engineer
  • Pavel Triandafilov
    Pavel Triandafilov
    QA Engineer
  • Yanis Triandafilov
    Yanis Triandafilov
    Web Engineer
  • Danil Valeev
    Danil Valeev
    Mobile Engineer
  • Vladimir Vasilev
    Vladimir Vasilev
    Mobile Engineer
  • Vadim Vinogradov
    Vadim Vinogradov
    Front-End Engineer
  • Nick Vlasov
    Nick Vlasov
    Mobile Engineer
  • Sasha Vo
    Sasha Vo
    Art Director
  • Stas Yudin
    Stas Yudin
    UI Designer
  • Ilya Zhilenkov
    Ilya Zhilenkov
    QA Engineer
  • Svetlana Zinchenko
    Svetlana Zinchenko
    Web Engineer
  • Ivan Zyryanov
    Ivan Zyryanov
    Mobile Engineer